MainStreet Empowerment & Housing Organization, Inc., (MEHO), A 501(C)3 Non-Profit Organization

                                        Providing a hand-up and NOT just a hand-out!   

Executive Summary

Valencia Passmore

Director of Operations

Valencia Passmore is the driving force behind the success of MainStreet Empowerment and Housing Organization, Inc., (MEHO), a faith-based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization. MEHO was founded in January, 2010, to provide a platform for individuals and families to help bridge the gap between Main Street and Wall Street. By providing emergency, transitional and

affordable housing, and social services like food, clothing and job training, Valencia believes that MEHO will be able to do its part

                               to create jobs, provide decent housing and to help revitalize and make our neighborhoods safe again. 


As the Director of Operations, Valencia is equipped with an extensive background and wealth of knowledge in the areas of real estate, mortgages, single and multi-family housing, affordable housing, asset and property management, bank-owned and REO properties, as well as rehab projects and project management. To add to her credentials, Valencia also possesses a real estate broker's license in Michigan and Colorado, as well as a Michigan insurance license. 

Valencia's educational achievements are equally impressive. Whereas, she has obtained a dual Associate's Degree in Finance and Accounting, a Bachelor's Degree in Legal Studies and a Master's Degree in Entertainment Business Management. While working in various roles in the real estate and mortgage industry, Valencia developed a comprehensive network of key personal and professional contacts throughout Michigan. As an innovator and entrepreneur, Valencia has both the practical experience and education necessary to lead and elevate the organization to the next level all while continuing to build a strong board of directors.

Valerie Johnson

Director of Housing

Valerie Johnson is the Director of Housing for MainStreet Empowerment and Housing Organization, Inc. (MEHO). Valerie is a seasoned real estate and mortgage professional with the heart and skill-set to spearhead the affordable housing needs of low-income families and individuals. As the Director of Housing, Valerie brings passion, compassion and the understanding of the education, credit needs, housing counseling and programs available for the communities and individuals that MEHO serves. 

Rebecca Limbaugh

Director of Human Services


Rebecca Limbaugh is the Director of Human Services for MainStreet Empowerment and Housing Organization, Inc. (MEHO). Being a native of Detroit, Rebecca grew up in an environment similar to the background of the population that MEHO is dedicated to serve. As the Director of Human Services, Rebecca personally understands the importance and benefits of resources, opportunity and support given to an individual who has the desire to enhance their lives.


As such, Rebecca has dedicated herself to working diligently in order to provide the best possible service to MEHO and the community by sharing the knowledge, expertise, and opportunity that God has blessed her with. Rebecca has come full circle in her life, and by working with MEHO, she now has the opportunity to give something positive back to the community. God has always been the guiding force in her life and has allowed her to meet Valencia (CEO) at a time when she can be impactful while continuing to contribute to his work.


Rebecca's educational achievements are also impressive. She is currently pursuing her PhD in the Advanced Studies of Human Behavior. She possesses a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work with a License and a Master's of Arts Degree in Counseling with a Limited License. Rebecca is also an Adjunct Professor for Spring Arbor University where she teaches various courses to students obtaining Associates of Arts, Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in the field of Human Services, amongst numerous other professional services and accomplishments that she has achieved. Rebecca is a strong addition to MEHO and an excellent addition to help MEHO propel to the next level of empowerment.